Dylan/Seeger/Newport Errata
Corrections to Dylan Goes Electric!:

I tried, heaven knows I tried... but I goofed a few times and, despite an excellent copy editor and two good proof readers, some of the goofs made it into the published book. Fortunately, one of the advantages of writing about Dylan is that there are myriad experts available to catch one's mistakes. These have been caught so far, and most will be corrected in future printings, though a few are too complicated to fix--my apologies. If you come across others, please let me know. (My email is elijah at elijahwald.com)

Throughout: Elizabeth Cotton should be Elizabeth Cotten.

p.2, second full paragraph: The protagonist of Camus's The Stranger was not "nameless," he was named Meursault. I knew that in high school, but years have passed...

p. 17, Maxine Sullivan was a jazz singer, not a pianist.

p. 82, the song title given as "Corinna, Corinna" should be "Corrina, Corrina."

p. 152, Peter White caught a mistake in  my description of Suze Rotolo and Dylan watching the  assassination of President Kennedy on television. What Rotolo recalled was them watching on live TV when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby, two days later.  

p.252, has a quotation about the soundcheck that says "There were no stage monitors in those days." I believed that, because I couldn't see any in the photos, but listening closely to Peter, Paul and Mary's set Sunday night (the same night Dylan played with the band), they have some feedback problems and Paul suggests that they should turn down the monitor.

258-9 or 268: Not exactly a mistake, but a stupid oversight: There are people who argue that Dylan was not booed until the end of his electric set, and that the story that he was booed after "Maggie's Farm" was a later invention, so I should have included the fact that Robert Shelton kept a notebook in which he was jotting down his impressions song by song, as a memory aid for his review of the festival in the New York Times, and his notes for Dylan's opening song, "Maggie's Farm", written as it was happening, include "some booing."

p.288: Dylan's Forest Hills show was on August 28, 1965, not on August 20. (I had this right in my working timeline, but apparently mistyped it in the manuscript.)

p293: The Beatles' "Yesterday" was backed by a string quartet, not a string octet. (I got this right in How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll, so really have no excuse.)

p.305, first paragraph, second line from the bottom: "world" should be "word"

p.305: I wrote that after his motorcycle accident, Dylan "would not give a concert for the next eight years." That ignores his concert-length set at the Isle of Wight festival in 1969--which I suppose I could argue was not exactly a concert, in the normal sense of the term, but honestly should be noted as a lone exception to the rule.

p.308: I wrote that Pete Seeger formed a community group "to rebuild an old Hudson River sloop, the Clearwater." In fact the Clearwater was a replica of an old Hudson River sloop, built from scratch.