Errata and addenda
Corrections to Escaping the Delta:

In a book this length, I suppose there are bound to be errors. These are the mistakes I or others have found so far, and most of them have been corrected in the paperback edition. If anyone comes across any others, please let me know. (My email is elijah at

p. 9, line 4: Little Milton is not from Jackson, but from outside Greenville. (I actually set up a film shoot with him in Greenville for just that reason, so I have no idea how I came to make this slip.)

p. 12, paragraph 3, line 4: Recent scholarship suggests that Jelly Roll Morton was probably born in 1890, not 1885.

p.63. In the list of performers who recorded "Oh Red!" I include Blind Willie McTell. I have no idea where I got that information, and it is wrong.

p. 238, first full paragraph, lines 5-6: Chris Barber is a trombone player, not a trumpeter.

p. 245, paragraph 3, lines 3-4: Eric Clapton’s idol was Freddie King, not Albert.

p. 277, Tony Russell's research strongly suggests that the team member who compiled the jukebox lists was Lewis Jones.

p. 296, note 12, line 4: “Since I Fell for You” was a hit for Annie Laurie, not Ivory Joe Hunter.