Elijah WaldJosh White Photo Archive
These pictures were alternate selections for the photo section of Josh White: Society Blues, which for one reason or another did not make it into the finished book, but seemed too good to keep under wraps. All were provided through the courtesy of the White family.
Publicity shot, 1940s
Josh singing with his brother Bill
Concert Program, 1946
Josh and the Haitian dancer Josephine Premice take ship for Europe, seen off by Josh's wife, Carol, and his children Beverly and Josh Jr., c.1951

Blatz beer advertising
photo, c.1950?

78 album cover, c.1945
Singing at Cafe Society, c.1945
Packing presents for the GIs, with actress Hilda Simms, singer/actress Libby Holman, and friends, c.1944
Playing at a War Bond rally, with Josh Jr., c.1944
Publicity shot, c. 1944
At the Ringside Bar in Paris, with BBC producer Charles Chilton at far right
Publicity shot, late 1940s
At Elektra Records recording session, c. 1956
With singing partner Sam Gary and
friends in Hawaii, 1957
Josh's daughter Judy and Miriam Makeba's daughter Bongi, Billboard Magazine ad, 1967